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Everyone agrees that a pond can add so much to a garden, but sometimes getting everything right can seem a bit of a daunting challenge, whether you're working with an inherited pond that came with the house, or starting from scratch. PondExpert will give you the ideas, know-how and answers to help you create and maintain the pond of your dreams.
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Ask Our Experts: What Could be the Reason for all the Fish Dying?, Could Barley Straw...
Building a Pond
Building a Pond: Planning the Pond for All Ability Access, Solar Powered Water...
Decorating Your Pond
Decorating Your Pond: Planting Your Pond for Maximum Impact, Using...
FAQs: FAQ: Pond Fish Problems, Pond Wildlife: Frequently Asked Questions,...
Fast Fact
Fast Fact: FAQ: Pond Fish Problems, Pond Wildlife: Frequently Asked Questions,...
Maintaining Your Pond
Maintaining Your Pond: Spring Pond Maintenance, What Do You Know About...
Pond Life
Pond Life: A Beginner's Guide to Fish Breeding, Frogs and Frogspawn, Newts and...
Pond Plants
Pond Plants: Ideal Plants for Deep Water, Picking Oxygenators for Your Pond,...
Ponds & Safety
Ponds & Safety: Children and Pond Safety, General Pond Safety, Pets and Pond Safety,...
Latest Comments
  • Ant
    Re: Creating a Waterfall
    You don't need to buy a waterfall kit to make a pondless waterfall. I bought a pond liner, hose, 80 litre plastic storage box and a sheet of…
    18 May 2018
  • Dafty
    Re: Fast Facts About Ponds
    The website is outstanding utterly brilliant that last comment sounds terrible and I feel really sorry for the person who gave up their…
    16 May 2018
  • Dafty
    Re: Fast Facts About Ponds
    Utter nonsense barely any facts this is absolutely crap
    16 May 2018
  • tex
    Re: Pumping Your Pond
    how do i get spares for my eco pump
    15 May 2018
  • Smudge
    Re: Is There a Way to Deter Grass Snakes From My Pond?
    Hello, I have mostly toads in my quite big pond and a few frogs. After spawning a lot of the toads do…
    8 May 2018
  • tex
    Re: Pumping Your Pond
    can i purchase spare parts for my super eco pump . if so how do i order
    7 May 2018
  • Crazy Ferret Woman
    Re: Frogs and Frogspawn
    Polly - I too had to remove several swollen frogs from my pond at the beginning of March, many of them had died mid spawn, which was very sad.…
    4 May 2018
  • DorsetPoolMan
    Re: Repairing Your Pond
    LEAK - My Butyl linner has become the victim of numerous perfectly round holes and therefore leaks. There are no scratches around the holes…
    1 May 2018
  • Crazy Ferret Woman
    Re: FAQ: Pond Water Problems
    Within the last 3-4 weeks my pond has significantly taken a turn for the worse. It has developed a very thin film on top (although not…
    29 April 2018
  • Luna
    Re: Pond Snails in Your Pond
    It seems I am not the first to have this problem reading above but I can’t see any replies: We have a large garden pond (approximately…
    24 April 2018
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