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Sheila said:
Thursday, 20 Sep 2018
I have a small but thriving pond and it houses frogs, newts and snails. There is infinite variety of unidentifiable water life from tiny beetles size of a full stop to mysterious tiny black jelly blobs that move about ( leeches??). I find sitting watching what goes on very therapeutic!! I look forward to learning more about all these things.
Pamela said:
Saturday, 31 Jan 2015
Last year I bought the Pondxpert treatment for Blanket Weed, Blanket Weed Beaters it came in 6 sachets, I found it an excellent product, I would like to purchase more this year, would you let me know when this product is available. many thanks.
Sean said:
Sunday, 10 Aug 2014
What a fantastic site! What a find! Thank you !
Jean said:
Saturday, 12 Jan 2013
I have just had built a fish pond but it now requires some plants and some kind of cascade to keep the water moving. It of couse has a pump to aireate the water. Is it possible to keep me informed when your water plants will be available. Many thanks Jean Harrison
Sharon said:
Saturday, 8 Sep 2012
Thank you for some very useful and easy to understand information for a newcomer to the fish world :-)
Graham said:
Thursday, 23 Aug 2012
Hi Look forward to reading the articles on this site and picking up any tips as my fishpond is due to be built in September/ October out of Dorset stone.
Anonymous said:
Tuesday, 17 Jul 2012
Hi - I was MORTIFIED that snakes are attracted to ponds as I am about to build a large pond but have an UNCONTROLLABLE PHOBIA about snakes! Any tips PLEASE to keep hem away and out of a London surburban garden? Thanks much
John said:
Wednesday, 11 Jul 2012
I'm looking to build a wildlife pond and surrounding bog garden in a very boggy part of our garden which is spring-fed. From what I have seen of your website so far, this is just the place to look! Looking forward to a mutually happy relationship.
Vicki said:
Tuesday, 27 Mar 2012
Just found ur site and as I'm new to water gardening although in a small way its very interesting and helpul
Andrew said:
Thursday, 29 Dec 2011
Thanks for this site, Regards
Jamie said:
Friday, 8 Jul 2011
Just Found This Site And As A Beginner This Is Full Of Wonderful And Useful Information. Many Thanks.
Eddie said:
Friday, 27 May 2011
Interesting site.My pond has no mains electric, is there any way I can get a solar powered filter?.
Grahame said:
Friday, 20 May 2011
Just found your site which looks very interesting and helpful
Phil said:
Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011
Great site , with loads of good info
Mohammed Tarique said:
Friday, 31 Dec 2010
I am working in Fish farm, I like get Pond Expert Newsletter regularly, Thanks
Paul said:
Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010
Excellent website for a pond beginner like myself. Gives very good informative information. Keep up the good work. Regards Paul
Alison said:
Saturday, 27 Nov 2010
Very helpful sight. Would like to find out - when my natural ponds with no pumps in freez over, how can I break/melt the ice to allow some air into the water, no fish just lots of frogs and other wildlife. Thank you.
Harry said:
Thursday, 14 Oct 2010
Looks a good imformative site so far,thanks
Fiona said:
Saturday, 28 Aug 2010
I inherited a pond and had no idea as to how to maintain this and have found your site very informative. thank you
Julian said:
Friday, 6 Aug 2010
A very helpful and informative site.
Sandra said:
Wednesday, 4 Aug 2010
As I am in the process of establishing a small pond I have found the information on your web site invaluable and no doubt will continue to do so ongoing. Thank you!
Brian said:
Sunday, 25 Jul 2010
The information on this site is excellant especially for us beginners. Thank you for all the hard work.
J A said:
Wednesday, 12 May 2010
Better choice of oxygenating plants than I have seen locally - noted, thank you!
Sabita said:
Sunday, 18 Apr 2010
Its really helpfull to maintain and decorate our garden..
Michael said:
Thursday, 25 Feb 2010
Hi there. Ive been thinking about putting a water feature or maybe a pond in a small garden. Great site and getting plenty of ideas.
Margaret said:
Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009
Beautifully presented and easily accessed website. highly informative.
Anonymous said:
Saturday, 5 Sep 2009
Really good well designed site with helpful accurate information - thank you
David said:
Friday, 31 Jul 2009
Have had a quick look at some of the website - it appears to be quite informative.
Andrew said:
Thursday, 18 Jun 2009
Very helpful, informative and understandable. Thanks
Chris said:
Saturday, 25 Apr 2009
Just got back into ponds! (not literally) and find your site very informative. I will be back.
Bikram said:
Friday, 24 Apr 2009
I am in need of some water plants, being first time wud like to experiment first rather then spend a lot of money. so any help Please thanks
Tracy said:
Thursday, 2 Apr 2009
Love this site ... new to this pond thing and now feel full of confidence with my new "project"!! Thank you!
Hazel said:
Thursday, 26 Mar 2009
I have found your faqs very usefull as we have just built a larger pond for our koi
Jason said:
Wednesday, 25 Mar 2009
A very helpful and informative site, I'll be comming back again & again for more useful tips THANK YOU
Gillian said:
Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009
I have a small garden pond mainly for wildlife and frogs.It needs cleaning and solar fountain etc as it is too far from the house to have electrical pump.So will look forward to reading how to accoumplish this.
Geoff said:
Saturday, 3 Jan 2009
I have had Pond in the past and my real interest is in keeping fish. I have moved into a new house and paln to build a semi raised pond this spring. This site looks very interesting and I would like to keep in touch.
Wayne said:
Sunday, 4 May 2008
Excellent site. Needs a few more pictures and perhaps some quick tips.
David said:
Thursday, 27 Mar 2008
A great site that's new to me. Having moved from a house with a pond, I am now looking to build one at my new home using your information.
Michelle said:
Tuesday, 7 Aug 2007
Looking after a pond is new to me, so I have found your site very useful, thank you.